Keystone and Breckenridge bring in the music |

Keystone and Breckenridge bring in the music

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Who: Damon Wood’s Harmonious JunkWhen: 9:30 p.m. tonight andSaturdayWhere: Snake River Saloon,KeystoneWhere’d the band name come from: Play on words of my favorite jazz musician, Thelonious MonkHome base: DenverType of music: Funk, blues and jazz-based improv rock (lots of originals and jam and funk classics). Who are you? I was lead guitarist with James Brown for all his shows between summer 1999 and the beginning of 2006. I started this band in 2001 in Las Vegas, relocated to Denver in 2002 and reformed. We’ve released two CDs so far (2005’s “Space Cadet” and 2008’s “Too Cocky In Nagasaki”), which were voted best jamband in 2005 by Westword mag, featured in Relix mag in ’05 as well. We’re working on our third CD with a revolving cast of players, most notably Brian Efros, Brian Loftus, Mike Goletz and Paul Hamilton.If your music were a tangible item what would it be and why? Maybe an orange, because it’s juicy, it gets you all sticky, it’s good for you and if you throw it at a wall it’ll explode.Why do people love ya: People love this band because it’s mainly a get-down party show, but we do our own stuff too. They can dance, but they also get to hear what we get off on and some stuff that maybe they’ve never heard. To me, music should have more depth than just making people wanna dance. It should be dynamic, emotional and versatile, as well as powerful and groovy.How do you keep it fresh: One way we keep it fresh is by keeping the whole show improvisational in its form. We’ll work from a setlist but in the jams, sometimes a song will feel like it wants to medley into another song or jam. Being open to that keeps us on our toes and forging ahead into uncharted territories. Of course, the main way to keep it fresh is to always add new covers and original material. We’ve done shows recently like a tribute to the music of The Big Lebowski film and a 21 song tribute to the band Ween. We’ve also done “Dark Side of the Moon” (timed with the “Wizard of Oz” film) and the Beatles’ “Abbey Road.” So special projects like that keep it fun and fresh too.Craziest thing you’ve done: Probably just trying to make a living playing music – just kidding. Working for James Brown was pretty crazy and weird, but it was really a great experience overall. I don’t know, one time we played Mishawaka and during the finale I jumped off the stage and started scraping my guitar strings on a huge rock – that was kinda fun. Broke a couple strings though; good thing it WAS the finale!

Who: Devastating KarateWhen and where: Saturday at Salt Creek Saloon, Breckenridge and Jan. 30 at Jake’s Dive Bar, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? It was a group decision at a 4th of July house party. Democracy usually rules in Devastating Karate.Home base: Venice Beach, Calif.Type of music: Devastating Karate consists of three friends with a common goal: deliver good-times and non-affected music to our friends and fans. We formed in the summer of 2005 and just released our fourth album, “The Awesome Depression.” The new album is less eclectic than our old stuff and can be summed up as honky-tonk good-times drinking music (available on iTunes and Our live show is a mix of originals and cover songs. Some of our favorite bands are the Stones, Willie Nelson, Kings of Leon, Ween, the Pixies and Skynyrd. They have all influenced us, along with countless other bands. Sometimes people say we sound a little like Social Distortion. That doesn’t bug me at all.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? We decided that Devastating Karate would be a tuxedo T-shirt because it can be formal, but it says that we’re here to party too. That said, our music is a tangible item. It’s a relic once commonly purchased and shared called a compact disc, or CD.Why do people love ya? Why not?What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Every day used to be crazy and weird, but it all seems pretty normal these days … One time we stole Mike Tyson’s tiger.

Who: Hillbilly HellcatsWhen: SaturdayWhere: Motherloaded Tavern, 103 S. Main St., BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? The bassist thought of it. The “Hillbilly” came from his bluegrass banjo background. The “Hellcats” had a nice ring.Home base: Greater DenverType of music: RockabillyIf your music were a tangible item, what would it be? A tornado hitting a trailer park; we play a lot of fast songs.Why do people love ya? Our songs are funny, energetic and get the club rockin’.How do you keep it fresh? We have played all over Europe and the U.S., we vary the setlists and we don’t play too often in any one club.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done? Played for a nudist colony.

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