Keystone area land trade doesn’t sit right |

Keystone area land trade doesn’t sit right

Robin RobsonDillon

With our forests in drastic need of financial resources, money being cut at every turn, fees being demanded for services and maintenance, it was with great dismay that I read that the forest service has decided to do a land exchange for the Dercum’s Dash property in return for the Chihuahua Gulch property.Even more alarming is that in appearance it is being presented as a philanthropic gesture to give this pristine and lovely property (Chihuahua Gulch) to the people of Summit County. The Dercum’s Dash property is, conservatively, worth tens of millions of dollars, being located at the base of Keystone Mountain. Chihuahua Gulch’s potential for development is highly questionable and is literally in the middle of nowhere – but has been valued as a town with more than 200 lots that are developable. I question the reasoning behind these appraisal’s and question their legitimacy.My second point regards the intent of the developers. They found a town site and obtained ownership through legal maneuvers. Tthere is no documentation of money exchanging hands in the county records. At the same time they began pursuing ways to be allowed to develop the Dercum’s Dash parcel of Forest Service land. Although their dealings may have been legal, the ethical nature is highly questionable. This is evidenced by the fact that legislation has been passed to wipe out these abandoned town sites so this legal maneuvering will not be rewarded in the future. I say, do not allow this legal maneuvering to be rewarded now. The true value of the Dercum’s Dash parcel is forest service land that belongs to all of us.The developers are obtaining the rights to the land at minimal outlay and will make millions at the expense of the people. Let your voice be heard: call Paul Semmer at (970) 468-5400, or e-mail at