Keystone bar brawl includes head-butt, kick to head |

Keystone bar brawl includes head-butt, kick to head

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Editor’s Note: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

SUMMIT COUNTY – A fistfight at a Keystone hotel’s bar recently led to some mashed faces, a torn suit and a broken lamp.

It began when a couple of guys were getting aggressive with several female patrons after 1 a.m., according to statements from witnesses and the bartender in a Summit County Sheriff’s Office report.

Claude and Todd persisted in “hitting on” the women – who asked to be left alone – until Hansel told Todd to “please back off,” according to one witness.

Todd head-butted Hansel in the mouth, and Hansel retorted with a blow to Todd’s face. The two fell against a wall, broke a lamp and Claude kicked Hansel in the face then “jumped on top of him, becoming embroiled in the fight,” according to Hansel in the report.

Hansel’s suit coat was ripped and his digital camera was smashed. The fight ended after Claude became involved, according to witness reports.

Todd came out with a wound breaking the skin at the bridge of his nose.

“He was assaulted by someone. He had too much to drink and someone from the bar assaulted him, but he didn’t know who, how or why,” according to Todd’s statement described in the report.

Claude was “unable to make an intelligible account of what happened due to his level of intoxication,” according to the report.

The bartender said he believed Todd was the “primary aggressor.”

A woman working at the front desk said the China lamp that was broken during the fight was worth $650.

Claude, Todd and Hansel were each summonsed on charges of disorderly conduct for fighting in a public place, as well as criminal mischief for destroying the lamp. Each party was escorted to his respective room to reduce the chance of another fight.

Julian woke up earlier this month to find a toilet seat fastened to his front door with coaxial cable.

He’d been at odds with his neighbor, Connor, who had been keeping trash and “junked belongings” outside his unit and in public areas, according to the SCSO report.

Julian had recently complied with a request from the homeowner’s association to remove the trash from the front of Connor’s unit and dispose of it.

Apparently this didn’t settle well with Connor, who turned off circuit breakers to get back at Julian, according to statements from neighbors.

One of the neighbors – whose power was turned off – said she saw Connor tying the cable to Julian’s door. She said she told Connor her electricity was off, and he showed her how to turn it back on. A few hours later her power went out again, according to the report.

“(Connor) said he was so over people in this building,” according to the report.

Deputies met with Connor, who said he turned off only power to his unit, and he said he was trying to figure out why the power had been going out. He also said he’d been working on water heaters in the crawl-space, according to the report.

Asked whether he was retaliating against or was angry with anyone else in the condominium complex, he said no.

Connor was summonsed regarding charges of first-degree criminal tampering “for intentionally interrupting the electricity for several units” at the complex, according to the report.

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