Keystone beautification nonsense |

Keystone beautification nonsense

Ted Grabowski, Lech Jedlinski, Keystone condo owner
Roman Kowalewicz, Keystone business owner

As a long-time Keystone resident I have read a very strange article in the Summit Daily News about the $4 million “landscaping improvements” project initiated by The Keystone Beautification Committee. The organization said “We’ve spoken to just about as many people as we could so far … and found very few people who were opposed to it.” WOW, in the last week, I have spoken to so many of my friends, condominium owners and business owners and somehow, they all knew nothing about this initiative.

So what does it mean “we have spoken to just about as many people as we could?”

Very few people would know about your organization, about your initiative and most importantly about the financial consequences on all Keystone properties.

Well, let’s dissect the whole initiative, why suddenly should Keystone residents and property owners be responsible for something that Keystone Resort is maintaining for the last 20 or more years? Why should we be hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional taxes after the last two years of the property and rental revenue depression? It should be done on a volunteer basis. My friends and I would be more than happy to donate a day of work to dig holes for planting trees and shrubs. It would be nice if the “Committee” could find free donations for those planned “beautifications.” This whole concept seems like Keystone Resort is pushing its expenses onto the residents of this community.

We really need nothing on the Highway 6 corridor except maybe a few more holiday lights on the trees. What we need is a fun corridor between The Lake village and River Run that would create a Keystone Strip full of music, inexpensive food vendors, clubs, restaurants, galleries, entertainment places, which would change Keystone’s image from a sleepy village to Colorado’s Broadway. It was our choice to move here from many different parts of this beautiful country to enjoy all of the experiences Keystone is offering us. We hope this will be the plan for Vail Resorts in the future. I guess for today, this is enough … but we have to be under constant watch so that no initiatives by a few will impose new rules on the majority without their consent, this is what unfortunately is happening in Summit County on a continual basis.

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