Keystone spins the post office storythe wrong way in newsletter |

Keystone spins the post office storythe wrong way in newsletter

Trip ButlerBreckenridge

This letter is in response to the article that was placed in the Keystone Lodging Property Management Newsletter for July/August 2005, entitled “Post office set to close after months of collaborative work.”It is my understanding that there was very little “collaboration” between the Keystone representatives who decided in March that Keystone “did not want to be in the post office business.”Keystone gave the Keystone Citizens League two months (during mud season when many people are gone) to raise the $20,000 shortfall to supplement the $37,000 U.S. Postal Service fixed firm contract that Keystone receives to operate the post office, and Keystone would not make any guarantees of keeping the post office open after one year.Keystone would not extend the deadline. This action is a dictatorship, not collaboration. “Working diligently with the community” would be shown by allowing a reasonably sufficient amount of time to raise the funds and by working with the Citizens League and the community to come up with viable options to secure the future of this institution.Publicizing that “the Keystone Citizens League informed the resort that this option was not feasible for them,” and not giving the details that the Citizens League was not given a reasonable amount of time to raise the shortfall is an attempt to make Keystone look good and is not stating the full story. It was not, as you stated, after an exhaustive collaboration with the Citizens League, that they “opted out.” This decision was made because of the iron clad and unreasonable deadline that Keystone dictated to the Citizens League. The post office may not be a moneymaking operation; however, it provides a great convenience for the residents and visitors to this area, and employs loyal, dedicated, hardworking people who are a part of this community.It is a place where residents see each other and socialize, as I have oftentimes witnessed.In the future, you may find that the “bean counters” were in error about the money that Keystone will save money by closing the post office, as you will lose the U.S. Postal Service grant, yet maintain the cost of the property and some labor by maintaining the mail room in the same location.By the time you discover this, the post office will have closed, the grant will be gone and it will be too late. You stated in your article, “Keystone’s current address won’t change.” How convenient for you, and that “there won’t be any changes to internal resort mail service.” Once again, Keystone is insured not to be inconvenienced as the 725 box holders and general delivery recipients, including Keystone personnel and visitors, will be. If your actions and intentions display how “Keystone is committed to partnering with the community and continuing to serve as a good corporate citizen,” I’d hate to see what a bad corporate citizen would do. Shame on you, Keystone chief operating officer Roger McCarthy.Sheri Lin ThomasKeystone Realtors can protect turf by joining chambersRe: “Summit real estate agents join fight against banks in the market” (SDN, June 29).I was glad to see that this article made the front page. It is informative and well written. In fact, the opening sentence compelled me to write a response.The article goes on to say that there are more than 600 members of the Summit Association of Realtors in Summit County. It’s good to see that they are concerned about their “home turf.”How fortunate that this community of Realtors will stand together to protect their own interests, when they, collectively, do not appear to have the same interest in the welfare of their county. Consider that there are “600-plus” members of the SAR and that the Yellow Book has 327 listings under the heading “Summit County Real Estate” (there are other related businesses listed in this category, as well). Would you be surprised to know that, according to, there are only 38 Realtors who are members of the Summit County Chamber of Commerce? In a business that directly benefits from the good health of its “home turf,” only 38 Realtors believe that they should belong to their chamber.Since the individual towns in Summit County have their own respective chambers, you might assume that our Realtors have chosen to maintain their memberships closer to home.According to the Yellow Book, “Breckenridge Real Estate” has 164 listings (there are other related businesses listed in this category, as well).However, the Breckenridge Resort Chamber website has 28 members listed under “Professional Services: Real Estate.”Curiously, those same 28 names appear over and over in our community-sponsored events. I wish I could list those civic minded professionals all here, but for instance, Bonnie Smith Allen, the president of the SAR, served two terms as the president of the Breckenridge Resort Chamber Ambassadors.What possible explanation can there be that the remaining Realtors cannot find the time, money or interest to support the organization that is working full-time to promote their town and support their profession?Would any other business benefit more dramatically from a vital chamber than real estate sales? It’s easy to see why the “national banking conglomerates” want a piece of the action. Interestingly, all the banks in Breckenridge are members of the BRC.By the example of Bonnie Smith Allen, I would like to extend a call to action to Realtors throughout Summit County, urging them to contact their local and/or county chamber of commerce to get involved today.All of us can afford take a hard look at our own level of participation in our society.There really is no better way to “protect your home turf,” support our community, help our neighbors and consequently help ourselves.

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