Kids’ Fitness: Keep kids moving and improving |

Kids’ Fitness: Keep kids moving and improving

Albert Einstein said imagination is more powerful than knowledge. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Anyone who is raising young children can see that their playful imagination creates the opportunities to achieve and apply their knowledge and skills.

One of the major objectives in my Funsical Fitness™ program is to keep children engaged and moving continuously for up 15 continuous minutes at a time. It’s similar to the effect adults get from an hour long aerobics workout.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible objective with the average 2- to 5-year-old, I go straight to the imagination with an activity called Adventurobics.™ Children take imaginary musical journeys to the jungle, the mountains and the deep blue sea, in search of animals, objects and people they can pretend to see and be!

For example, here’s a sequence of activities to keep your children moving and improving on a Jungle Journey.

1. Ride a bicycle by lying on your back and moving your feet in circles

2. Walk through the tall grass by lifting legs up and down real high.

3. Wiggle your body like a snake slithering up a tree.

4. The snake scares a monkey, so jump around like a scared monkey.

5. A giraffe comes to save the monkey, so stretch your arms over your head and pretend to be a giraffe.

6. The monkey jumps on the giraffe’s back, which tickles the giraffe. Shake your hips and dance like a giraffe.

7. The monkey falls off the giraffe, and a lion comes. Get on your hands and knees and walk like a lion.

8. An elephant comes to scare the lion away. Make a trunk with your arms and walk like an elephant.

9. The monkey climbs back into the tree, so pretend to climb like a monkey.

10. Pick some bananas and throw them to the elephant like a monkey.

11. Reach down with your arms and eat like an elephant.

12. Time to walk back to your bicycle, but the lion sees you, so run from the lion.

13. Lay down on your back, move your arms and legs round and round and ride that bicycle upside down.

Scott Liebler is the founder of Move to Improve and Funsical Fitness for early childhood development. Move to Improve is a program sponsored by Summit Head Start, Early Childhood Options and funded by the Summit Foundation. For more information on this program call (303) 902-4985 or e-mail

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