Kim and Jim Cancelosi: Water Dance is not a retirement community |

Kim and Jim Cancelosi: Water Dance is not a retirement community

Kim and Jim Cancelosi, Frisco
Happy Water Dance Residents

We have decided to respond to Mr. Bainbridge’s letter regarding the Frisco Peninsula. He and others should be aware that Water Dance is not a retirement community. There are a lot of us in Water Dance who properly use and support the Frisco Peninsula for recreational use.

Mr. Bainbridge, as well as all Water Dance homeowners, knew (or should have) when they bought their lot and decided to build in Water Dance, the Frisco Peninsula was zoned for recreational use. Water Dance is sandwiched between the Marina and the Frisco Peninsula, both fantastic recreational areas. We believe instead of focusing on the impact noise from the Peninsula may have on Water Dance, Mr. Bainbridge should focus on how some of their residents negatively impact the Nordic Center. For example, Mr. Bainbridge, you should put your energy into enforcing Water Dance residents who do not purchase a pass yet use the Nordic Center and, worse yet, choose to walk on the skating and cross-country tracks. This behavior results in footprint pits and crushed tracks. This happens even though there are signs clearly posted at all the entrances to the Nordic Center prohibiting this behavior. These activities result in the trails having to be re-groomed to undo damage. Mr. Bainbridge should be concerned about the financial impact even one Water Dance resident – let’s say in a red jacket – makes (it cost money to groom). This destructive behavior impacts far more taxpayers who use the Peninsula for its intended use and pay the fees to use the Nordic Center and Peninsula than the music from the Peninsula may affect.

The Frisco Peninsula and Marina are the only recreational facilities (as distinguished from parks) in Frisco. There has always been a lot of desire to have a place for local children, teens and adults to recreate in Frisco. After talking to many who live in Water Dance and all of Frisco and the nearby surrounding county area, it is clear there is support to keep to Peninsula for recreational use that is conducive to the natural environment (as opposed to a golf coarse, college and dorms). We are thrilled to know there is a place for our two boys, their friends and classmates can go to and engage in healthy active recreation. We look forward to having more recreational activities for all of us to choose from.

Mr. Bainbridge’s inference that not even 12 cross-country skiers use the facilities even on a good weekend is ludicrous. He should actually go to the Nordic Center entrance on any given day and he would learn there are a lot more than 12 people who come to ski. There are numerous trails and loops and not all the runs go past the backside to Water Dance. It is for this reason, Frisco Nordic Center is so desirable … one can ski, skate, snowshoe and simply enjoy the beauty without crowds as opposed to a single lap circuit. Additionally, the local school teams and clubs, believe it or not, have more than 12 participates, Mr. Bainbridge, and they train and use the Nordic Center, and while they train, many family members use this opportunity to ski, skate or snowshoe! And let’s not forget about Nordic events: the racing series for the schools and clubs, the Gold Rush, Romp to Stomp, just to name a few, all with more than 12 people skiing.

We find it shocking and annoying so many home owners are miffed when the land around their home or condo is used for or developed for its intended use.

In regards to Mr. Bainbridge’s suggestions on how the town of Frisco should spend its money, here is some additional information. The speed limits on the Highway 9 are set by the Department of Transportation and not the town of Frisco. Every day you can see Frisco police officers at the intersection or one block up towards Main Street trying to address the speeders and people who use the lanes improperly. Most of these issues however would be resolved if the speed limit was reduced to 35-40 mph until after the hospital intersection. There is a group working on the safety issues of this intersection.

The town of Frisco has done and continues to do a lot with the pine beetle destruction, weed mitigation and incentives for people to revegetate. Lastly, almost every home in Frisco (and the entire county) is experiencing more noise due to the destruction of the trees. The difference is some of us do not find the sounds of joy to be pollution especially in designated recreational areas.

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