Kim Kardashian, crew spotted in Breck |

Kim Kardashian, crew spotted in Breck

Special to the Daily

Breckenridge may not pull in the kind of celebrities that Aspen does, but it’s still fun to hear about the ones that do grace our community. A couple of months ago, Josh Holloway (“Lost”) and wife Yessica, were visiting the town and have been rumored to have purchased a house in the area. Last week, the reality television family the Kardashian’s, of “Keeping Up With Kardashian’s” on E!, visited for a week and even brought their TV crew with them (they’re currently filming their second season). They were spotted dining more than once at “Downstairs at Eric’s” and shopping at trendy “Big City Blues.” Stay tuned to this guilty pleasure because you may see yourself in the background on their show. For all of you who watch more quality television, the Kardashian’s show stars Playboy regular and Hollywood socialite Kim, along with sisters, Khloe and Kourtney. The girl’s mother and stepfather, former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner (father to Brody of “The Hills”), also star on the show that covers the family’s Hollywood lives.

There has been much speculation over Heath Ledger’s cause of death, whether it was an overdose of prescription drugs or a possible suicide. Wednesday morning, a New York medical examiner released the actor’s toxicology report and ruled his death an accidental overdose. He released the following statement. “Mr. Heath Ledger died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine.” These prescription drugs collectively would treat intense pain, anxiety and sleeplessness and obviously taken at the same time, can be deadly. Ledger’s father, Kim, commented on the report saying, “While no medications were taken in excess, we learned today the combination of doctor-prescribed drugs proved lethal for our boy.” Family, including ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams and their daughter Matilda, arrived in Perth, Australia Wednesday for the funeral. Ledger’s body was returned home Tuesday for a proper burial. It’s settling to know that it will be far away from the crazy American paparazzi. Media and photographers have been hovering over Ledger’s family and around his Manhattan apartment, despite the family’s pleas for space and respect from the public.

Speaking of unforgiving paparazzi, Los Angeles is finally putting a limit on how close is too close when pursuing stars. After all the bizarre incidents with Britney Spears, it isn’t hard to assume that the paparazzi are partly to blame. In every picture you see of Spears, she is surrounded by photographers that are literally in her face, snapping photos of her vulnerability. She, like many popular Hollywood celebrities, is stalked inappropriately and unwillingly. Well now, after years of them being threatening and unsafe (remember how Princess Diana died), L.A. councilman Dennis Zine is requesting that city council police officers put new restrictions on paparazzi. In a city council meeting, Zine proposed that “this is about common decency,” and thinks there should be enough space between paparazzi and celebrities so that people and cars could pass through safely. This would ensure a “personal safety zone” and hopefully put aggressive photographers to rest. Although logistics of this proposed law were not discussed, there will be a city council meeting within the next month which will allow both parties to deliberate.

Not a week goes by where we don’t hear about a new crop of pregnant women in Hollywood. This week the rumor surrounds Angelina Jolie, who is supposedly carrying twins. Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but based on the flowing, unflattering dress she recently wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jolie is doing nothing but fueling the baby rumors. Speaking of twins, we finally have confirmation that Jennifer Lopez is carrying a set. The 38-year-old singer/actress and her husband, Marc Anthony, are about to be parents any day now. It’s been rumored since before her pregnancy was confirmed by J.Lo herself that she was carrying twins. Now her father, David Lopez, spoke in an interview with Escandalo TV, where he revealed, “Yes, twins. The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it’s a hereditary thing.”

Deirdre Shattuck resides in Breckenridge and maintains her enthusiasm for celebrity gossip even while living in the mountains.