Kinderhut thanks VR |

Kinderhut thanks VR

Craig RootOwner, Kinderhut

Kinderhut would like to express our sincere thanks to Vail Resorts, the Town of Breckenridge and to all of our wonderful customers who have supported our efforts to provide quality services. Special thanks go out to Roger McCarthy and Vail Resorts for their continued support of childcare in the community. By putting aside bottom-line concerns and acknowledging the value of the services provided by Kinderhut, Vail has truly demonstrated what a strong ally it can be. As Mr. McCarthy stated earlier in the year in a Summit Daily article, “The moment that the balance is lost in Summit County, or in any of resorts, the moment it starts to feel like a company town, it’s over.” Kinderhut is looking forward to another year and “kudos” to the ski area and the town.

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