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Kindness not cruelty

This country is not kind to farm animals, as documented in the HSUS undercover investigative videos released in recent months, the first of which resulted in one meat-packing plant being shut down. The second HSUS video released earlier this week shows horrendous cruelty before the animals ever reach the slaughterhouse.

Strict vegetarians tell us to simply not eat animals. That would be one solution, though unrealistic for too many.

Fact is, the outrageous cruelty involved in meat processing is unnecessary. It is possible to process food humanely; it’s just not profitable, so it must be legislated and enforced. Please speak out for farm animals. Go to where you can quickly and easily send your personally edited letter to the Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Ed Shafer. Your e-mail address is not saved or otherwise used by the HSUS and your privacy is protected. The present lax enforcement and government policy full of loopholes allow for the horrible prolonged suffering of downed animals who need to be immediately humanely euthanized and never allowed to enter the food supply.

The fact that these animals are at the end of their lives, facing imminent slaughter, is no excuse for them to be treated cruelly. They are sentient beings who bond with their young, when allowed, and they deserve to be treated humanely to the end. The Indians knew there is a proper way to kill an animal. Allowing it to suffer is not an option.

This is a first step, addressing the issue of downers at stockyards and auctions, but why are there so many downers in the first place? Because even if they are healthy when loaded, they then suffer for untold hours during transport in literal torture chambers on wheels without water in unbearable heat crammed in unable to move.

Little wonder, once at their destination, many are unable to stand up, and then get electrically prodded, hit with backhoes and front-end loaders, pushed and dragged in senseless agony to their deaths. The World Society for the Protection of Animals is conducting a present campaign to address humane transport. Please also visit where you can sign their petition for humane transport worldwide.

People can tell others of their own abuse and receive help.

We must speak for those who cannot speak. It is the right thing to do for animal welfare and for the safety of our food supply.

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