King: Abortion controversy needs further discussion |

King: Abortion controversy needs further discussion

George King

Re. “137 abortions per hour every hour,” by Jeanne Saeger, letters, Sept. 4

Having read Ms. Saegers letter and readers responses, this controversy needs further discussion. 1.2 million children put to death in the US annually is an abomination. This is a moral issue that should not be dismissed lightly. Arguments question how many of them would be productive in society. Increased financial burden is legitimate concern, much the same as what is spent on illegals who cross our border encouraged by our Federal Government.

Adults may be capable to make their own “choices” but the point to consider is whether to follow human thinking or God’s command. I suggest killing a fetus or his 2 year old brother for example is the same in our Creator’s eyes. We all will be held accountable.

The number of abortions indicate far too many choose to be careless.The proper time to make a choice is before having to confront the abortion decision. Responsible behavior to prevent unwanted pregnancy is the correct conviction.The ease to obtain an abortion support sloppy immoral behavior. Considering the consequences one must first exercise caution to reach the decision to choose wisely.