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Klobasa: A conservative responds to ideological allegations

Ted Thomas lists 6 examples of the alleged extremity of Republicans. Let’s examine his claims.

(1) “Don’t tax the wealthy, when they are happy, they give us all jobs. Uh. Yeah!” I suppose the “Yeah!” was put in there to emphasize his point, but it rings hollow. Happiness is not the issue. Jobs are not the issue. The fact is that the wealthy are paying near record high taxes and the rest of us are paying near record low taxes, as recently reported in USA Today. Moreover, raising taxes on the wealthy will, according to the CBO, decrease the deficit by only 1-2 percent.

(2) “Repeal Obamacare and put it back into the hands of the competitive insurance companies.” The insurance companies are not the reason why Obamacare should be repealed. It should be repealed because it is another one of Obama’s programs to “spread around the wealth” by making the haves pay for the have nots.

(3) “Homosexuality is a treatable disease…” This is an extreme minority view. Do not present it as the view of most conservatives.

(4) “Immigration is the largest internal threat to our nation” so build a wall and do not give amnesty. The statement about it being a threat to our nation is fairly debatable, so you have a point there . It merits further debate and analysis.

(5) “Global warming is a fallacy perpetrated by the liberal press”. Wrong, again. Very few people adhere to that view so do not present it as the view of most conservatives.

(6) “Women cannot be trusted with their own medical decisions”. Come on Tom, use the word “abortion.” It is the life of the defenseless child that is at issue, not trusting women.

John Klobasa, Kirkwood, Mo.

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