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Klobasa: Akin doesn’t speak for Republican Party

John Klobasa

Re. “GOP’s mental processes with regard to women,” by Corina Aragon, letters, Sept. 1

I must take issue with the conclusion reached by Corina Aragon in her Sept. 1 letter to the editor. She stated that Republican Todd Akin’s views about women and rape “are embraced by many in the Republican Party.” I agree that Akin’s statement was wrong. However, attributing his extreme views to “many in the Republican Party” is also very wrong. I live in St. Louis (Akin is from the St. Louis area) and I visit Summit County often. That is why I read the Summit Daily. The fact is that the Republican Party has called upon Akin to withdraw from the Senate race. Every living former Republican U.S. senator from Missouri has called upon him to withdraw from the race. Every Republican I know (and I know a lot of them) has condemned Akin’s statement.

So Ms. Aragon please do not overstate your case in an effort to create the illusion that Republicans are anti-woman. And, before you attribute Akin’s views to “many in the Republican Party” please do your research.

John Klobasa, Kirkwood, Mo.

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