Knoles: Let Americans decide what they want to hear |

Knoles: Let Americans decide what they want to hear

Christina Knoles,

I am disappointed CBS and other major networks plan not to televise all major speeches at the Republican National Convention, or the Democratic National Convention for that matter, specifically Mrs. Romney’s. This is a most critical time in our nation’s history; we are about to elect the next president of the United States, the most powerful position in the world. Yet CBS considered eliminating her speech from their coverage, along with other keynote speakers. Amazing! This action by CBS executives is a disservice to all viewers. If Mitt Romney is elected as our next president, she will be our first lady. She will reside in the White House and represent the U.S.A. in many venues. Thus, she deserves more respect than she is being accorded. So why would any major network deem her speech non-essential and fail to televise it? It seems to be nothing more than a scheming manipulation for CBS to pick and choose which speakers to cover, and which ones to leave out. I am an adult. I know how to turn the sound down if there is a speaker I don’t want to hear. I don’t need CBS to decide that for me. I do it with the CBS nightly news all the time because they report on a lot of things in which I have no interest, such as the antics of Hollywood entertainers. I think any credible news organization has a duty to cover fully this major event, particularly the speech of the candidate’s spouse. I want to see and hear how she presents herself to the nation. If CBS edits the list of speakers it will televise to only those CBS deems important, will CBS also edit individual speeches and report on only the parts it wants America to hear? With this kind of calculating reporting effort, no wonder incorrect information about the candidates and their positions on major issues has become rampant. Shame on CBS for thinking Americans would not see through this scheme to support one candidate over another. The news is the news; not just the parts CBS wants Americans to hear. If the coverage is not full and complete, why should I patronize their network? CBS, if you don’t want to report it all in a fair and complete manner, then I hope you get out of the news business. Now that would be real news!

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