Knoles:Who is to blame for our nation’s woes? |

Knoles:Who is to blame for our nation’s woes?

Christina Knoles, Keystone

Democratic President Obama and his party blame the Republicans and past administrations for everything that plagues our nation and economy. Really? For the last eight years, Democrats controlled the Senate. For the first two years of Obama’s Presidency, Democrats also controlled the House of Representatives. The Democrats could have passed any law they wanted, just as they passed Obama-Care and a failed stimulus package. For the last three years, the Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to deal with our $16 trillion deficit or pass a budget! Instead, they added $5 trillion by borrowing and making huge interest payments to China, helping China’s economy surpass ours. Under Obama’s broken campaign promises, cavalier attitude and catchy campaign slogans like “War Against Women” and “Forward,” our unemployment rate exceeds 8.1 percent with millions more under-employed. Obama has failed. Even more jobs will be lost after Jan. 1, 2013, when Obama-Care and new tax increases on businesses go into effect. Will your job be next? Americans should not lulled into this “new normal.”

Obama has also abused his power by bypassing Congress with a sneaky maneuver. Obama learned he could get laws passed in the form of rules and policies made by the many government agencies he controls. This collection of powerful agencies, such as the Departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Justice, Health, Education, etc., are affectionately known as our “unelected fourth branch of government.” These agencies are run by people Obama appoints; they are not elected and answer only to him. If any agency head refuses to make a rule or “interpret” a law as Obama wants, he can fire and replace them with another sycophant.

This kind of “leadership” is dangerous and has no place in the oval office. Agency rules and policies have the same effect as “real” laws passed by Congress, but have no oversight. Obama has slyly used agencies to enact hundreds of burdensome business regulations that kill jobs and prevent law enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

Bill Clinton, a recent and reluctant Obama supporter, made unflattering comments about Obama’s abilities until Hillary apparently decided to run for President again in 2018. Now Clinton asks us to “trust” Obama another four years in spite of Clinton’s previous comments, his famous statement under oath: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” or Obama’s dismal foreign and domestic record of the last four years. He says to trust Obama, who tricked Congress into voting for Obama-Care by claiming “it was not a tax” but later agreed “it is a tax,” so the Supreme Court would not strike it down? Obama has not earned your trust or your vote. Real job growth and economic improvement will not happen unless we elect Romney.

Christina Knoles, Keystone

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