Know when your iTunes bands are playing live locally |

Know when your iTunes bands are playing live locally

eRin pheiL

Before I explain how awesome iConcertCal is, I should fill you in on the following secret: the “Cal” in iConcertCal is an abbreviation for “Calendar.” Now that you’re in on the secret, I feel very comfortable telling you that iConcertCal = absolutely fantastic!

iConcertCal is a nifty little plugin for iTunes that keeps a constant eye on your music library and generates a personalized calendar within iTunes displaying those artists’ upcoming concerts/shows in your city. (Or, in the case of us folks here in Summit County, the upcoming shows that will be playing here in the mountains AND down in Denver.)

If you have iTunes on your computer and if you enjoy live shows ” even if only on occasion ” iConcertCal is an ABSOLUTE must-have. It’s required. Go download it. Now.

Are you dreading the task of putting together a new resume for your next job-search quest? If you are, well … then … stop it. No more complaining allowed because I’m now telling you about

Resolio is a helpful site that allows you to instantly create beautiful web-based resumes. As shown by the shiny little diagrams on the site’s homepage, there are just three steps to their process:

1) Input your data;

2) Select the resume design you like the best; and

3) Publish it and make it live on the internet. That’s it.

Keep smiling: the service is absolutely free. In the future Resolio plans to offer premium services for a fee, but at this point in time everyone can make pretty online resumes quickly and easily at absolutely no cost.

Unfortunately, can’t help you if you’ve got a serious procrastination problem and you don’t muster up the motivation to visit the site in the first place. If procrastination is your demon, perhaps consider going to instead.

You know those toolbars stacked up on top of each other at the top of your screen when you’re editing your Word documents? You know ” those toolbars filled with all the little icons and buttons that you’ve *never* used? Big news ” those toolbars don’t need to be there!

If you have unused toolbars in Word, why not turn them off? They’re just taking up space ” and the more space those toolbars take up, the less space you’ve got for viewing your actual documents.

To turn off a toolbar, first right-click on it. Anywhere on it. Then left-click any toolbar with a checkmark next to it. Presto-Change-o, it disappears from the screen. Play around with these settings and don’t worry about messing up or deleting toolbars. To make a toolbar show up again, just left click on the toolbar name in the same list that shows up when you right-click on a toolbar.

See you next Friday, everyone. Have a great weekend.

Based in Frisco, eRin pheiL is the primary creative force behind timeforcake ( She can be reached via phone at (970) 668-0709 or e-mail at

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