Knowing your neighborhood |

Knowing your neighborhood

1. In how many years is Summit County expected to reach build out?a. 10 yearsb. 20 yearsc. 30 years d. 40 years2. Which headliner died hours before he was supposed to show up at Sherpa & Yeti’s in November?a. Cooliob. Ol’ Dirty Bastardc. Carlton Prided. Jerry Garcia3. What round of the state tournament did the Summit High School boys soccer team make it to this fall?a. round of 32b. round of 16c. quarterfinalsd. semifinals4. Why is Breckenridge building a roundabout?a. The threatened species boreal toads was discovered living on Main Street, requiring the town and state to develop a plan to divert traffic from their new habitatb. To confuse the localsc. To free up Main Street as a pedestrian-friendly street and divert ski traffic and through traffic to the new Highway 9, Park Avenue d. The town of Breckenridge was not about to be one-upped by Frisco’s roundabout – bronze elk or not5. What was the one element that guests commented upon most at the Summit Foundation’s 20th anniversary gala?a. Tens of thousands of crystal beads dripping down from the center of the tent at Sharon Magness and Ernie Blake’s Triple Creek Ranchb. Matt Renoux, emcee from Channel 9, joking guests may need a GPS unit to find their tablesc. Porta-potties in trailers, with wooden doors, porcelain fully-flushing toilets, green faux marble walls and faux wooden floors. d. Epicurean Catering’s presentation of a gourmet meal complete with tenderloin and peach cobbler6. Local ski areas posted new signs for the 2004-2005 season in association with changes to the Colorado Skier Safety Act passed by the state legislature in the spring. The new signs are orange and black and denote what type of terrain?a. groomedb. extreme c. learningd. avalanche7. Which of these Summit-based pro snowboarders won the X Games halfpipe competition in February?a. Chad Otterstromb. JJ Johnsonc. Matt Petersond. Steve Fisher8. How much money did voters agree to give Summit School District through a bond measure for substantial renovations to local schools?a. $3 millionb. $32.6 millionc. Nothing. The measure failed at the polls.d. $4 million per year for three years

9. Who was the 2004 star of the Breckenridge Film Festival?a. Michael Douglasb. Michael Yorkc. Michael Jacksond. Michael J. Fox10. In which of the following events did Summit High distance runner Whitney Anderson win state championships this year?a. 3,200 metersb. 1,600 metersc. girls cross countryd. all of the above11. In July, the Summit Board of County Commissioners denied a development application for a long-term plan at Copper Mountain Resort, due mainly to concerns over density. What did the ski company plan to add at Copper?a. an outhouse and a popcorn standb. 600 additional residential units; 150,000 square feet of commercialc. double the current residential units; 150,000 square feet of commerciald. quadruple current residential units; 300,000 square feet of commercial12. What is a TDR?a. A Total Download Rate, used by ski resorts to determine skier numbersb. A program by which density can be transferred from the backcountry into the core of townc. A Tourist Detour Route, designed to get people out of town more efficientlyd. An SFE in LUD 15 where 4 UPA is permitted per LUG 713. What old mining townsite could be traded to the Forest Service so new land can be developed at Keystone?a. Recenb. Robinsonc. Chihuahuad. Montezuma14. County coroner Joanne Richardson showed up at the coroner’s ball dressed as which celebrity (note: as coroner, she knows none of the celebrities really died this way)?a. Charlie Chaplin, who broke his neck after tripping on his caneb. Marilyn Monroe, who died of suffocation from wearing her dress too tightc. Jimi Hendrix, who bled to death after suffering severe cuts in his tongue from hours of practicing playing his electric guitar with itd. Mama Cass, who died choking on a ham sandwich15. What Front Range water utilities take Colorado River headwaters from Summit County?a. Goldenb. Denverc. Colorado Springsd. all of the above16. If you have a basic household well permit, how can you use the water?a. Indoors onlyb. Sell it to othersc. Raise livestock

d. All of the above17. Who is Summit County’s state senator who was just elected Colorado Senate President?a. Leah Bornsteinb. Bill Wallacec. Tom Glassd. Joan Fitz-Gerald18. The Breckenridge Music Festival canceled the Medeski, Martin and Wood show last summer at which venue?a. Silverthorne Pavilionb. Stephen C. West Ice Arenac. Riverwalk Centerd. mid-mountain at Breckenridge Ski Area19. Where is Colorado Mountain College trying to consolidate its two Summit campuses?a. Friscob. Breckenridgec. Dillond. Heeney20. Why did the freestyle center leave Keystone?a. Lack of interest from athletesb. The owners couldn’t get the proper zoning for the land.c. Keystone homeowners filed a lawsuit against the proposald. Insurance negotiations between the owner and Vail Resorts couldn’t be settled21. How much money did Great Outdoors Colorado grant to Silverthorne for its Blue River Experience?a. $1.67 millionb. $2.3 millionc. $500,000d. $2 billion22. When is the first phase of the Silverthorne Factory Stores renovation expected to be finished?a. Next monthb. Next springc. Next summerd. 200823. Which two Summit County fire departments are planning to merge?a. Red, White and Blue and Copper Mountainb. Copper Mountain and Lake Dillon Fire Rescuec. Lake Dillon Fire Rescue and Snake River Fired. Red, White and Blue and Lake Dillon Fire Rescue24. How much must a Frisco council member elected in 2004 pay to receive health coverage for him/herself?a. Nothing. It’s considered part of council compensation.b. 20 percent of the monthly COBRA rate

c. $10 per monthd. The full monthly COBRA rate- about $500 per month.25. How much must a Frisco council member elected in 2006 or thereafter pay to receive health coverage for him/herself?a. Nothing. It’s considered part of council compensation.b. 20 percent of the monthly COBRA ratec. $10 per monthd. The full monthly COBRA rate26. Locals had a chance to strut their stuff on national television when which if the following scouts came to Breckenridge?a. Captain Morgan and MTVb. “Fear Factor” and MTVc. VH-1 and “Survivor”d. PAX and “Touched by an Angel”27. What is the correct spelling of Summit School District’s previous superintendent (who the board deemed “not a good fit” in March)?a. Sampinatob. Spampinattoc. Sampinatod. Spampinato28. How much money did the Family and Intercultural Resource Center raise in the 2004 Microphone Marathon?a. $1 millionb. $30,000c. $3,000d. Just enough to replace broken windows from four separate break-ins.29. What is affordable housing?a. Moving back in with your parentsb. Take the amount of your federal tax return times the square root of the Affordability Component (5x.75b (log x 5 (32a-L) x AMI – roommates squared). Divide that by your estimated inheritance minus your true income (including under the table revenue) and place a 15 percent cap on capital improvements. It’s really pretty simple: You don’t qualify. c. Take the 20 percent AMI, multiply it by your income and that of your projected progeny, subtract the Gross Domestic Product not including inflation and divide that by two. You still don’t qualify.d. Government subsidized housing that generally carries deed restrictions limiting appreciation and re-sales only to full-time local employees 30. How much money did the town of Silverthorne approve in 2004 for the visitor information centers in Frisco and Silverthorne?a. $10,000b. $5,000c. $1,000d. noneAnswers to the quiz1. a 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. c 6. b 7. d 8. b 9. b 10. d 11. c 12. b 13. c 14. d 15. d 16. a 17. d 18. b 19. a 20. d 21. a 22. b 23. c 24. b 25. d 26. a 27. d 28. b 29. d 30. dAre you a news hound or a powder hound? Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer, then rate your news savvy on our unscientific scale.25 or more: We appreciate your attention span, but suggest you get a life or run for public office.20-25: You’re a well-informed news hound, but we worry you’re not getting in enough powder days. We suggest you check morning headlines at, then head for the hill. 15-20: Sensibly detached from the real world. Why we all moved here, right? We suspect you’re only reading those lead paragraphs and information boxes while waiting for your double-shot mocha latté at the coffee counter. That’s OK, we write them just for you.Less than 15: Powder hound. Yep, it’s difficult to read newsprint on the lift, especially on those windy days. We suspect you don’t have internet access, and your mother keeps asking you when you’re going to move back home and “join the real world.”

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