Knowles: Can our economy survive another four years |

Knowles: Can our economy survive another four years

Christina Knowles

Americans agree the U.S. economy is in crisis and needs a major overhaul; but disagree on the best man for the job. Our only choices are Romney or Obama. Votes for “none of the above” or a “long-shot green candidate” are symbolic and ineffective. Our vote in November will impact us, our children and grandchildren. Our first priority is to choose the candidate with the skills, instinct and vision to implement a plan to create jobs and make our nation prosperous again. Hot-button side issues such as birth control and abortions are important; but can be handled later at the state level if need be. If we don’t fix our economy first, this nation will not survive.

Neither candidate is perfect. Both are Harvard graduates, yet have few other similarities. Romney is a successful businessman, paid for his education and cleaned up the corruption surrounding the Salt Lake City Olympics. As a former Massachusetts Republican Governor with an 87 percent Democratic Legislature, Romney was able to strike compromise and balance the Massachusetts budget in less than two years. We need those skills right now! He has an unblemished character; and yes, he goes to church. So what? JFK was a rich Catholic. Romney has a plan to reduce the deficit by closing tax loopholes, developing a sustainable health care plan and creating an investment environment conducive to creating jobs, growing the economy and gaining energy independence.

Obama and his wife both received free college educations. Obama became a Chicago community organizer whose mentor and spiritual advisor was the Rev. Wright, a hateful bigot by all accounts. Obama’s friends included Bill Ayers, co-founder of Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group responsible for bombing police stations, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Capitol Building in protest of the Vietnam War. Obama served only two of a six-year term as an Illinois Senator. He had no real experience to be President, and it shows.

In the last four years, the USA has been shamed by having its credit rating downgraded for the first time in history, making it more expensive for our government to borrow money. We have $4 a gallon gas prices, a $16 trillion debt and the highest unemployment rate since the Depression. Obama-Care was forced upon us by an unread, 2,000 page document. Obama care and his thousands of new regulations have stifled growth and job creation.

Obama has prevented energy independence, stalling hundreds of good-paying jobs associated with the Keystone Pipeline and other oil extraction enterprises. His plan to tax the “rich” would bring in about enough money to operate our government for three days and increasing taxes on businesses is ineffective because businesses don’t pay taxes; consumers do (businesses merely pass those taxes on to their customers). Obama’s idea to increase corporate tax rates will result in more good businesses and jobs leaving America for countries with lower corporate taxes, like Canada and Ireland.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts said it best: Not even the courts can protect the voters from the people they elect. We cannot risk or afford another four years of Obama.