Krane: Costly mistakes make monkeys of us |

Krane: Costly mistakes make monkeys of us

Matt Krane, Breckenridge

Re: “Worst investment of the century,” John Young, April 4, guest column

Thank you for running John Young’s column on April 4. Sometimes it’s good to pick an old scab. How else can we learn from our mistakes … in this case, one of the worst mistakes in our country’s history?

Mr. Young makes it painfully clear that not only is G.W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq a good deal responsible for our nation’s run-up in seemingly insurmountable debt, but a template for successive ‘invasions,’ and a good reason why much of the world dislikes us.

If “flag-waving tea partiers and Fox News” anchors can’t wrap their minds around this, well … that’s to be expected. In the face of this Harvard study and the horrendous number of civilian/troop casualties, we need a broader vision, not just the dark tunnel vision evinced from 2000-2008.

I’m reminded of 1) our decision to go through with the Bay of Pigs invasion in the face of clear cut military intelligence to the contrary, (VP Nixon: “Don’t bother the government with facts, we’ve made up our minds.”), and 2) the decision to cross the 38th Parallel during the Korean war, despite massive military intel to the contrary.

Mr. Young’s invocation of Laura Nyro’s lyric “study war no more” could be an anthem. I’m thinking of Devo’s “Jocko Homo”: “God made man/but he took a monkey to do it …”

Matt Krane, Breckenridge

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