Kryshak: Coroner’s resignation feels like ‘cronyism’ |

Kryshak: Coroner’s resignation feels like ‘cronyism’

Terry Kryshak

Re. “Summit County coroner resigns post” by Caddie Nath, Aug. 28

I was, simply put, shocked when I read in the Aug. 28 Summit Daily about Joanne Richardson’s resignation Monday so that, as she was quoted, “an election will not be necessary.” Ms. Richardson stated: “I was afraid we would get too many CSI wannabes coming out of the woodwork”; and the article further goes on to state that Ms. Richardson ‘does have an individual in mind to take over in her absence.’

I have several issues with how this appears. First, this is a manipulation of our election system. Second, Ms. Richardson apparently does not believe that I nor the other voters of Summit County are capable of choosing a qualified candidate for the position. Third, some of the current county commissioners are facing election in November.

This sure feels like cronyism to me. I would encourage the Summit County commissioners to not rush to appoint someone to fill this position. The Commissioners should wait until after their own election/re-election before taking any permanent action; in the meantime I’m sure there are qualified people who can be contracted on a temporary basis to perform the role until a replacement can be named. At least this way the commissioners could somewhat separate them self from the risk of cronyism. And I would recommend that the commissioners open the selection process for this position to anyone interested (even the CSI wannabes); this way we may not have the benefit of an open election process but it would appear much fairer than how it feels now. Anyone/everyone should be able to pursue their interest in this position in the same way they would have if this had followed the proper election process.

Since we will not be able to ‘vote’ for the new coroner, we should consider how this is handled by the Commissioners up for election in deciding how we are going to vote in that election.

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