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Kucharczyk: Peak 8’s future?

Sandy Kucharczyk

I am very concerned about the proposed Grand Vacation Lodge at Peak 8 which will replace the Bergenhof Restaurant. As most “locals” remember, the height of One Ski Hill Place completely blew us all away. It totally blocks the view of the mountain and is an eye-sore because of its size. Now Grand Vacations wants to build two more buildings where the old “Bergie” stands.

In the master plan for Breckenridge Grand Vacation Lodge at Peak 8 it showed that the two buildings in this area were to be smaller than One Ski Hill Place. The original plan had stated the building would be 66.5 feet (3″ – 4″ stories). In the written document it also stated “…the buildings will be lesser in height and density as compared to the center or core of the Peak 8 Base.” Now the plans for Grand Vacations show the proposed building is 7+ stories tall (100+ ft in height). This does not comply with the Breckenridge Land Use Guidelines which state that condo-hotels “…shall not exceed five stories above grade.”

Another disconcerting factor is that town Councilman Mike Dudick is a co-owner of Breckenridge Grand Vacations. Has he taken himself out of discussions and decisions concerning approval of this project?

One last note, I’d like to know what percentage of One Ski Hill Place and Grand Lodge at Peak 7 is typically filled? There are so many unfilled rentable units in Breckenridge already and now we will have even more when this new lodge is completed.

If any of these points concern you, please attend the next Planning Commission hearing, share your concerns with town council members, and encourage others to speak up. Once this building is completed, it won’t be coming down for a long time.

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