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Kunst: Socialist America

John M. Kunst, Jr., Fairplay

Political achievement or lack thereof, over the past four years and the recent election have convincingly established that a majority of Americans are embracing socialist principles as part of the underpinning for our democracy. I am not certain that I understand how this fundamental change will make all of us healthier, wealthier, and more secure. Our moral leadership throughout the free world and our former, envied economic strength are under serious attach both at home and abroad. What did a majority of voters see in the next four years that led them to favor this new path to what?

Looking at the next four years, I can factually predict considerable economic change that I don’t believe is good for any of us. Taxes will increase for everyone, not just Obama’s hated two-percenters. Obama Care will undermine our access to affordable health care; the number of skilled physicians graduating from medical school will continue its downward trend while the ministration of Obama Care will impose greater cost, delay in service and rationing. Unchecked spending will increase our deficit to 20 trillion over the next four years. There is no serious plan to reduce this debt. Each American’s share of this debt will exceed $64,000, up from the current $51,000. The number of citizens who will become dependent on government assistance will grow exponentially. Not including those of us who paid for a lifetime into Social Security and Medicare, we have more than 125 million Americans, one third of us, receiving other forms of government assistance. These numbers will grow as unemployment continues and could exceed 10 percent. To those who believe that I am exaggerating, study the current consequences of an impasse as our elected leaders approach the fiscal cliff.

It is also perplexing and destructive that 47 percent of us pay no taxes. These folks have no skin in the game – no investment in our future. Is it any wonder that many in this large group are outspoken in their belief that the wealthy should pay more?

With this background, other than mandating health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, I am hard pressed to find anything in progressive promises that would cause me to vote for socialism. Since my views are not shared by the new majority, I would like to know precisely why so many of you voted for four more years of what I consider self-destructive madness. Thus, I would like to know the factual basis upon which you decided your life would be healthier, wealthier and safer over the next four years. Spare me the social generalities of “kinder/gentler,” inclusiveness, “social justice,” fairness, women’s reproductive rights, marriage among anyone, etc. There will always be rich and poor among us and that divide will grow regardless of any tax imposed. So please tell me the factual basis upon which you decided socialist principles are best for you. On the other hand, if there are those of you who believe others should pay your way, I would like to know why you would depend on others and not yourself.

John M. Kunst, Jr., Fairplay

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