Lafayette to delay action on proposed marijuana penalty |

Lafayette to delay action on proposed marijuana penalty

LAFAYETTE ” The City Council has postponed consideration of a proposal that prompted a backup judge to resign and that would stiffen penalties for marijuana possession.

The proposal, approved on first reading Feb. 6, would repeal a $100 fine for marijuana possession, increasing the possible penalty to the city’s default maximum of a $1,000 fine and a year in jail.

Backup municipal court Judge Leonard Frieling resigned last week in protest of the proposal and said he could not sit on the bench while being unwilling to enforce municipal ordinances.

City officials said the resignation would have little effect because Frieling had not been called in more than a year, and a new associate municipal court judge was appointed in April.

On Friday, the City Council pulled final approval of the proposal from its agenda for Tuesday and scheduled a public workshop April 3 to discuss the issue further.

Mayor Chris Berry said that would give city leaders more time to see what other communities are doing.

“I think it will give us some time to get some questions answered that may not have been asked,” Berry said.

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