Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue to the rescue |

Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue to the rescue


On behalf of the Summit Historical Society, I wish to express my gratitude to Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue for their superior performance on a cold January night at the Dillon School House Museum due to flooding from a broken water pipe beneath the building. They inspected the perimeter of the building in deep snow to determine the source of the leak, went down into the crawl space where 2-3 feet of water had accumulated, and made their way through the flooded space to find the leak. They called Dillon Water to turn off the water main and did not leave the scene until they had done everything that could be done that night, all with enthusiasm and sincere concern. Their service prevented potentially severe damage to the building and museum contents. We are most appreciative of their valiant effort on our behalf.Terry MerrickPresident, Summit Historical Society

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