Last call for liberty in the Muslim world |

Last call for liberty in the Muslim world

Rick GeiseDillon

“America has the power to fight terrorism, but not the will; the terrorists have the will, but not the power. But all of that could change in time,” warned Isser Harel founder of Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency). “Oil buys more than tents.”At the time, Mr. Harel was also asked if terrorism would ever come to America. He suggested that “New York is the symbol of your freedom and capitalism. It’s likely they will strike first at your tallest building, which is a symbol of your power.” That conversation took place in September of 1980.If not the Islamic Revolution in Iran the preceding year, certainly since the assassination of Anwar Sadat in the next, the balance of power in the Muslim world has changed. The radical elements of Islam have once again emerged and Iran has become its most dominant power. Iran (ancient Persia) intends to unite the entire Persian Gulf under the mullahs of Tehran and thereby control and exploit the petrodollars for their Jihadist ambitions. Iran currently has operatives in the oil-rich Shi’a south of Iraq and together with their co-terrorism sponsor Syria, appears to be the most significant adversary to Iraq’s fledgling new government.Also, as Doug Casey’s geopolitical and economic research points out, “Over the last few months, Iran has started replacing the dollar with the euro in the majority of its crude oil exchanges. Iran’s objective is an obvious encroachment on dollar supremacy in the critical international energy markets.”The regime’s great hubris has further been demonstrated by their disdain for the international community’s restrictions on uranium enrichment and President Ahmadinejad’s public declaration that, “The Holocaust was a myth created by Europeans to justify setting up a Jewish state in the heart of Islam.” Adding that the state of Israel should be wiped off of the map! Vladimir Putin’s increasingly totalitarian Russia and Red China can only be pleased with the prospects that the world’s remaining superpower may be brought down several notches. There is evidence that they may not just be sitting on their hands as the U.S. exhausts its power and credibility attempting to check the Jihadist threat? Iran has received Russian funding for their nuclear program and has also deployed Chinese Silkworm missiles. Coincidently, Russia, now the largest oil exporter in the world, stands to benefit tremendously from any disruption in the Middle Eastern supply.In Lebanon, Iran and Syrian supported Shi’a Hezbollah, following its successful repulsion of Israel’s counter attacks this summer, is now moving to topple their moderate government.Last month in Pakistan, a Jihadist martyr blew himself up outside the Marriott hotel in an upscale neighborhood inside what has been the “high security zone” of the nation’s capital of Islamabad.Our most critical ally in the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan may now be our most vulnerable. Despised by the Muslim majority in his country, President Musharraf has been unable to extinguish the widespread domestic support for the Afghani Taliban. The result- he has been the target of at least four assassination attempts. In Afghanistan, NATO forces are currently experiencing some of the most severe fighting since 2001 and anticipating a massive Taliban offensive this spring. NATO allies are declining additional support and some are even considering pulling out.Increasing violence between Hamas and Fatah in Palestine is also approaching civil war, threatening any possibility of a brokered peace with Israel on that front.The broad commitment to this war on terrorism is of course waning domestically as well as abroad. I was not surprised to discover, following the 2006 voter referendum at home, that the newly-elected had no stomach for victory and nothing to bring to the table; however, I was stunned when incoming Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, was unable to identify the major players in the Middle East conflict in a recent interview with Congressional Quarterly.I cannot believe that 911 was not a sufficient wake-up call? Too many at home still don’t get it! If there is no hope of establishing the roots of liberty in the soils of Afghanistan or Iraq, then where? And if not now, then when?At this 11th hour the silence of any so-called “moderate” Islamic majority is deafening! I hope that the opponents of our nation’s efforts in these two theatres recognize that any withdrawal can only be considered an absolute betrayal of any multi-cultural/pluralistic Muslim value … and our failure- an indictment of Islam.It is my understanding that “there is plenty of restiveness among the young people (in Iran), they’ll likely, sooner or later, kick the mullahs out.” How about now?It is my understanding that “there is plenty of restiveness among the young people (in Iran), they’ll likely, sooner or later, kick the mullahs out.” How about now?

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