Laughing out loud is a good thing |

Laughing out loud is a good thing


There’s something great about a movie that forces you to laugh audibly and uncontrollably for much of it’s course.

Such was the case for “Shrek 2’s” predecessor, and the sequel is no different.

Picking up right where the first one left off, “Shrek 2” begins with Shrek and Fiona fresh off their honeymoon when they are greeted with an invitation to the land of Far, Far, Away, where Fiona’s parents are waiting to meet her new husband.

What the King and Queen of Far, Far, Away don’t realize is that Fiona’s love for the big, green ogre that is Shrek has taken her down a path of being an ogre herself.

Despite Shrek’s objections, they make the trip to Far, Far, Away, which is portrayed as a medieval Hollywood of sorts, where the complication of the royal couple’s daughter and son-in-law being large and green takes a backseat to the comedic antics of a Shrek and the King simply not getting along.

Occasionally the story delves into the nature of interpersonal relationships and the way a couple has a lot to learn about themselves once they begin living together.

But for the most part it sticks to being another slapstick cartoon comedy that melds right into the best of Mike Meyers’ works since he went out on his own from Saturday Night Live in the early 90s.

Meyers reprises his roll as the burping, farting ogre, and brings with him original cast members Cameron Diaz as Fiona and Eddie Murphy as the talking donkey that provides for so many of the one-liners and comical facial expressions.

While John Lithgow’s smarmy Lord Farquaad is nowhere to be found, John Cleese steps in to provide the voice for the King opposite Julie Andrew’s Queen.

The most entertaining of the new characters for part two, though, is Puss in Boots, a feline Zorro-esque hitman sent to assassinate Shrek portrayed with a brilliant suave quality by Antonio Banderas, even when he’s coughing up a hairball.

No doubt, “Shrek 2” is substantially more lovey-dovey than the first, but it’s not too much of a distraction.

It even teases viewers at times as if it’s going to get even more mushy before Shrek or Fiona break out with some well-timed flatulence or a good belch.

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