Laura Refka: Summit one helpful community |

Laura Refka: Summit one helpful community

Laura Refka
Steamboat Springs

American author Elbert Hubbard wrote: “One great, strong, unselfish soul in every community could actually redeem the world.”

Last week, I had the great fortune to be helped by eight wonderful members of your community. Each one of their caring acts warmed my heart. Collectively, it was truly amazing! Everyone that hears my story smiles broadly, and are just as amazed as I am!

On Thursday, Sept. 17, I was driving through Breckenridge on my way to my mom’s home in Woodland Park. My engine stopped running, twice, without warning, as I was driving. Both times, I was impeding traffic. The first person to help was a man working on the construction project on the highway, north of Breckenridge. Unfortunately, I don’t know his name. He helped me get my car onto the shoulder. Another man on the site, Oscar, also offered assistance and kind words. I was able to get my car started again, and made it to the downtown area, only to have it die again. I was waiting to see if my car would start again so I could get it to a repair shop, when lo and behold, the same man who helped me move my car before stopped again to help. Since he was off work and heading home, he actually offered to drive me two hours to Woodland Park! He was wearing a dark leather paperboy cap if this helps to identify him. My car started again and I made it to Airport Road Auto Repair. I knew my mom would be worried by now, so I started walking to find a phone. I stopped at an architectural firm about a block north of the shop and asked which direction to head for the closest payphone. The two men, whom I assume are the business owners, let me use their phone to make the long-distance call!

The following day, Kathy and Mark at Airport Road Auto Repair took incredibly good care of me. Kathy gave me a ride downtown, so I could have breakfast, since their diagnostic technician wasn’t due in until noon. Later, Kathy and Mark gave me a loaner vehicle, since the sensor I needed had to be to be ordered and brought up from Denver. When I got back to the shop, I was told that the Denver location had delivered the wrong part. If you can believe it, Henry, with Carquest in Silverthorne, drove the four-hour roundtrip to Denver to get me the right part! He didn’t get back until approximately 9 p.m.! I’m sure that is not how he planned to spend his Friday night! Kathy and Mark let me keep the loaner in the meantime. Gary, a mechanic with Airport Road Auto Repair, came back into the shop at 9 p.m., to install the sensor, so I wouldn’t have to wait until the next day!

I am very grateful for the unselfish souls in your community, who helped me when I so needed it! Saying thank you just isn’t enough. Gary reminded me that they all take road trips too, and what goes around, comes around. I look forward to times that I will be able to help others in need. If you see any of these people today, please thank them for being such wonderful representatives of your community. They made a difference in my life!

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