Law should mandate proper tires |

Law should mandate proper tires

Travis BennettBlue River

I am writing this because I am up at 5 a.m. trying to figure out how to replace a car that was totaled last night because I was hit by a woman whose car had insufficient tires. The only thing she really did wrong was fail to put winter tires on her car. She couldn’t be cited for the tires because they were “legal” under existing law (not worn beyond 2/16 of an inch).”All weather” tires are a joke in winter alpine conditions, and any reputable tire dealer will tell you that four real winter tires (with a snowflake designation) or chains are mandatory to be safe here. The situation is only going to get worse as we are inundated by rental cars without proper rubber. While we probably can’t force private citizens to do the sensible thing, we should be able to cite them if they don’t and cause an accident.We should be able to mandate common carriers and rental car companies to do so, we should be able to mandate tire dealers in certain counties to recommend proper tire fitments for winter use. A November to May requirement makes sense. It would save lives and significantly reduce property damage.

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