Lawmakers move to include casinos in smoking ban |

Lawmakers move to include casinos in smoking ban

DENVER – State lawmakers are being asked to tighten the state’s smoking ban and stop people from lighting up in the state’s casinos.Since July, smoking has been banned in most indoor places in Colorado, including bars and restaurants as well as bingo halls and racetracks. But smoking is still allowed at casinos in the state’s three gambling towns as well as in the smoking lounge at Denver International Airport and cigar bars.Rep. Anne McGihon, D-Denver, and Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, introduced a simple, 25-word bill on Friday to expand the ban to casinos.McGihon said the decision to exclude casinos last year was mostly a political decision and it’s not right to continue to subject casino workers or patrons to secondhand smoke. Gordon said it is worth discussing the issue again because there are some new lawmakers at the Capitol following November’s election.

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