Lawsuit alleges Denver police wrongfully arrested woman |

Lawsuit alleges Denver police wrongfully arrested woman

DENVER – The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday accused police of wrongfully arresting a woman because of sloppy investigation.The ACLU said it filed a lawsuit in Denver federal court alleging Valerie Rodriguez was arrested, fingerprinted and jailed because an officer incorrectly identified her as a suspect in an assault.The lawsuit said the officer could have easily identified the correct suspect, who has the same name.Instead, the ACLU said, a woman with no connection to the attack spent several hours in jail waiting to post bail. The suit also said she was ruled out for a job because police wrongly identified her as the suspect.Police referred calls to the city attorney. Vince DiCroce, of the city attorney’s office, declined comment because he hadn’t seen the lawsuit.The ACLU said police gave the officer involved a written reprimand for “improper procedure.”

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