Lawyers work on juror questions in snowball-throwing trial |

Lawyers work on juror questions in snowball-throwing trial

BRECKENRIDGE ” Prosecutors and the defense began hammering out questions for potential jurors Thursday in the trial of an Australian man charged with assault for hitting a woman with a snowball.

Authorities say Andrew Thistleton, 21, hit Michelle Oehlert with the snowball at the Copper Mountain ski resort on Feb. 4. He was working at the resort at the time.

Oehlert told police the blow was painful because she had an injury from a car accident. She also said Thistleton and two other people were taunting her.

Thistleton faces a harassment charge along with the third-degree assault charge. Both are misdemeanors.

He pleaded not guilty in July and has flown back to Colorado for the trial.

Police said Thistleton told them he threw the snowball and wanted to apologize, but he denied saying anything offensive to Oehlert.

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