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Learn about animals; learn about ourselves

In response to the recent articles on “banning” pit bulls, it is so apparent how much ignorance still pervades our society regarding animals.To ban an entire breed because some owners have chosen to train their dogs to attack, is patently absurd. Perhaps the owners should be banned from the city, but not their victims.The question is: Why do some pet owners choose to train their dogs to be attack dogs? Because humanity has an obsession with satisfying one’s own desires, regardless of what kind of pain it may bring to another living creature.Case example: factory farming.Many throughout the world and especially those in the West, still view animals as simply “a commodity” – nothing but a “resource” to be “used” for whatever purpose we decide, regardless of how humane or appropriate it is. They try to justify their selfish desires by referring to the Bible’s passage where it says “man has dominion over animals.” I don’t recall any passage in the Bible stating, “Animals are to be used for any purpose whatsoever, treated in any way you wish and abuse is completely acceptable.” Wildlife poaching continues, people in Africa and other parts of the world have been found to be killing intelligent primates to cut off their hands and sell them as a delicacy or aphrodisiac. In Asia, sharks are caught for their fins to make expensive fin soup, and the shark is thrown off the boat without a thought (that this might be unethical) to bleed to death in a slow, agonizing and cruel way. And when these poor, tortured animals are done being “used,” often for less than ethical purposes (attaining grant money) they are then “humanely” euthanized. This callous and selfish disregard for animals is one of the most obvious examples of man’s greed and evil. Just because we have the “power” to do it, does that mean it’s right? Just because the animals are defenseless, it is OK then? Our society has a long way to go in learning about animals, and in that quest, will learn more about ourselves.

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