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Learn how to abbrev. with ease

All right, so today’s article – though I promise it shall still prove informative – is going to be a bit more on the fun side. No complicated tech-talk, no mind-numbing discussion about servers or ports or Javascript. Let’s get going.In our world of emails and online chats, it’s not surprising that a plethora of abbreviations have become increasingly commonplace. For this reason, today’s article may be something you cut out and tuck away in your desk drawer for those times you find yourself needing a quick abbreviation-translation.Perhaps you already find yourself confused by the chat conversations and emails from your niece that are peppered with ‘s and talk about her new “BF.” Well, with the abbreviation-translations I’m providing you with today, you’ll now know that the ‘s are really grins and her new BF is a boyfriend-not a big frog.Though more detailed lists exist online (just try a google search for “chat abbreviations” S), I’ve compiled a listing of some of the more common abbreviations out there (as well as a few silly ones thrown in for fun). Just for you. Here it is. FWIW & HTH: – evil grin – grin (or giggle)AAMOF – As a matter of factAFAIK – As far as I knowBC – becauseBF – boyfriendBFN – Bye for nowBTW – By the wayBION – Believe it or notCADET – Can’t add, doesn’t even tryCULA – See you later, alligatorDK – Don’t knowDLTBBB – Don’t let the bed bugs biteFTF – Face to faceFWIW – For what it’s worthGF – GirlfriendGG – Good gameHHOK – Ha ha, only kiddingHSIK – How should I know?HT – Hi thereHTH – Hope that (or this) helpsIAC – In any caseIDK – I don’t knowIMA – I might addIMHO – In my humbleopinionIMO – In my opinionJ4F – Just for funJAS – Just a secondJK – just kiddingJMO – Just my opinionK – OkayKHYF – Know how you feelKYFC – Keep your fingers crossedL – laughLLTA – Lots and lots of thunderous applauseLOL – Laughing out loudLMAO – Laughing my a** offLTHTT – Laughing too hard to typeMRA – Moving right alongMYOB – Mind your own businessNP – No problemNTIM – Not that it mattersNTW – Not to worryOAUS – On an unrelated subjectOMG – Oh my godOO – Over and Out (end of communication)OTOH – On the other handPOS – Parent over shoulder!RL – Real lifeROTFL – Rolling on the floor, laughingROTFLAS – Rolling on the floor, laughing and screamingROTFLMAO – Rolling on the floor, laughing my a** offS – smileSEC – Wait a secondSLM – See last mailSOW – Speaking of whichSWIM – See what I mean?SYS – See you soonTAFN – That’s all for nowTTBOMK – To the best of my knowledgeTTFN – Ta ta for nowTTYL – Talk to you laterTYCLO – Turn your Caps Lock off (Stop shouting!)WDALYIC – Who died and left you in charge?WDYT – What do you think?WOTAM – Waste of time and moneyWTH – What the hell?WTTM – Without thinking too muchYGTBK – You’ve got to be kiddingYKWIM – You know what I meanTTFN, everyone! Until next week SContact eRin pheiL. Based in Frisco, eRin pheiL is the primary creative of timeforcake(www.timeforcake.com). She can be reached via phone at 970-668-0709 or email at info@timeforcake.com – whichever is most convenient for you.

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