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Leaving Bush country? Good riddance

I have been reading with interest the recent letters regarding the election. If I am reading them right, and I hope that I am not, but because I chose to vote for the “other guy” and not John Kerry, then I am ignorant, short-sighted and just plain blind to the issues of this country. Basically, you state that I went along with the crowd instead of following my own independent thinking. I really resent that implication. I read with interest this morning an article on the Internet stating that some Democrats are seriously thinking about moving overseas. To them I say good riddance. What a sad state of affairs it is in this country when just because your candidate did not win you turn your disappointment into a cancerous anger and turn your back on a country that has provided you with great opportunities.I am not saying that all Democrats are ungrateful, hateful and closed minded, I am just saying that what I have read so far leads me to believe that.Enough already. President Bush is not perfect, and yes, some of the things that he has done does worry me, but the fact of the matter is he is your president. He wants to try to unite this country, but if the dissatisfied voters choose to continue to spread their toxins about all that is wrong with this candidate and not what is also right, this country will never be united.I didn’t like it when Bill Clinton won office the second time; however, I respected the majority’s right to put him there and did not think, even for a second, about leaving my country, turning my back on my neighbors or deriding my fellow voters for putting him back into office.Respect your fellow citizens and their decision to put President Bush back into office and let’s try to unite and work together.

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