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Lelija Roy displays works at Raitman Art Galleries in Breckenridge

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Roy's works focus on the wilderness and try to motivate viewers to engage and protect the landscapes she paints.
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Who: Artist Lelija Roy

What: Meet the artist, watch her paint and view her newest work

When: Friday, Jan. 27 to Sunday, Jan. 29

Where: Raitman Art Galleries, 100 N. Main St., Breckenridge

As an artist, Lelija Roy seeks to draw powerful responses in her viewers by motivating them to protect the beautiful landscapes she paints. Fortunately for planet Earth, she has been quite successful. Her newest works provide confirmation on both her mission as an artist and her storied career as a landscape painter.

While Roy has always used her unique style to communicate her love for the Earth, she says, “In 2017, focusing attention on the environment and the wilderness is paramount. I paint landscapes to raise the world’s awareness of the wilderness, to the wondrous places beyond the established roadways. Part of my role as an artist is to preserve the image of our beautiful Earth and to incite conservation through my art. My paintings serve as a vehicle to transport people to places they have never walked before. I want viewers to feel as if they are walking amongst the trees. The rich textures and subtle changes in color in my work mimic the immersive experience of exploring the wilderness. I want people to fall in love with the wilderness, to want to protect and preserve it.”

Roy’s current collection of work focuses on winter’s splendor, with the signature painting for this January’s show titled “Beauty of Winter.” The painting is an example of the way in which her use of mixed-media invites people to explore. Dozens of layers of materials create immense texture and color. The primary components of the painting are rice papers, silk and lace for texture mixed with acrylic, metallic and iridescent paints for color. The end result is a 4-foot-tall by 6-foot-wide work of art, functioning as an invitation to spend the day by a meandering mountain stream.

Water has recently begun playing a larger part in Roy’s work. She says, “Many of my newest paintings include the essential element of water in the landscape. I am naturally drawn to places in the landscape where the water flows. It is a necessity for creation and I am enjoying incorporating it more and more into my creations. There is such a peaceful feeling one finds by a body of water, whether it be a stream, lake, river, etc. I often find myself without the words to describe the feeling, so I turn to my studio and pick up my brushes.”

The painting “Glimmer of Hope” is a testament to just that. Impressionism plays a large part in capturing the scene — crisp line work is fused with impressionist brush strokes to create a painting that is both realistic and abstract at the same time. The image is clear and it sticks with you as a place that you might escape to in order to ponder the world at large.

After all, Roy believes that it is in the quiet of nature that we discover the best versions of ourselves. It is why she strives to give her viewers a refuge that they can take home with them. She sees the Earth as a place that constantly gives and she seeks to give back by preserving the planet’s beauty one brush stroke at a time.

Roy has shown her work with Raitman Art Galleries (formerly Art on a Whim) since 2009. Twice a year she brings a collection of the elements that compose her mixed-media paintings to the gallery to demonstrate her technique to curious visitors as they browse her newest works. This marks her 15th one-woman exhibition in the gallery. Every single painting that Roy creates is one-of-a-kind. Every painting serves a purpose: to preserve, to protect and to honor the beautiful planet that we call home. Roy will be demonstrating her process and explaining her technique throughout the weekend. She invites you to come share the beautiful places that beckon beyond the roadside.

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