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Lenka Lesmerises: Slow down on the recpath!

Lenka Lesmerises

I would like to remind all the bikers who use the recpaths in Summit County that the recpath is not only for the bikers and that they need to be careful and respectful to other users!

I was going for a walk with my mom and dad, my 10-week-old baby and my dog. My dad loves to take pictures, so he was walking little bit behind us. I look back and I see two bikers crossing the bridge, yelling something and hitting my dad, knocking him down unconscious. Beautiful day turns into a nightmare instantly as we are calling ambulance and praying that everything will be well. Those bikers could see my dad for quite a while and they did not even slow down and I cannot understand why did they hit him when the bike path is so wide and he was on the side of it.

I am terrified of what happened because I walk the recpath with my little baby every day and I do not even want to think what could have happened if they hit my baby instead. So please, do realize that it is worth slowing down and being careful while passing other users of the recpath. There are things you cannot take back and I am sure no one would like to cause pain and sorrow to others on purpose. Just stop, think and realize what are the things that truly matter.

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