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Lenore McGaun: Be a statesman, Rep. Polis

Lenore McGaun

I was at the Senior Center when Congressman Polis arrived 30-plus minutes late. I listened and heard him say that his great strength was education. Our nation is 28th in the world in education. How can teaching lessons in Spanish in the morning and the same lessons in the afternoon in English possibly improve our 28th rating in the world? If you want all the children in all the grade schools to have a smattering of language, then have some seniors fluent in each language to go to the grade schools once or twice a week for the entire school year. All the children would be fluent in their languages and not have one language shoved down their throats. If a child is legal, they should be speaking and understanding English, a requirement of becoming legal. The seniors would probably get extra credit. It would also look good on college applications.

According to one of Lou Dobbs questions, 95 percent of the people in the United States do not want a bilingual nation. So why is it so important for us to teach only Spanish? If we’re going to climb out of our 28th rating, we are going to have to increase our sciences, math, computers, English and also the history of our country. We have an immigration law and should not reward illegals by giving them everything including citizenship. What do we say to the 49 percent of the Mexican immigrants who become legal citizens this past year? Our states are going broke, and good, hard-working people have to take time off without pay. And yet we have thousands of illegal prisoners that we have to feed, give health care, etc. Our soldiers are coming back to four times the foreclosure rate of the rest of the nation. Their families cannot get food stamps or heat assistance nor can I, but illegals whose husbands, etc., work can get it and drive better cars.

Congressman Polis, I would like to know when your family came into this country. Was it before immigration or after? If it was after, that’s great because they followed our laws. So why are you slapping them in the face by not making the illegals do it the right way?

When are you, Congressman Polis, going to get the guts to be a statesman and say enough is enough?

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