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Leonidas Fund says thanks


The Leonidas Fund would like to Thank YOU Summit County for YOUR support, of the event for veterans and some military personnel of Ft. Carson, Colorado. You have show the Command Staff of Ft. Carson that you all Care, and you will be there for these Brave men and women. Barbara L., Amina, Jim E, Sandy B, Kevin B. Rick R, Jose E, and Summit County Buisness. Dillon Marina, Wal-Mart, Frisco Best Western Deneb and Eric, Carmin, Safeway Bakery, Dillon Ridge Starbucks and Mayor Barbara Davis. Thank You All for a great day!!! Please write the Commanding General and let him know, that the Leonidas and Summit County. Will always support the Soldiers and there Familys, anytime they come up to see your Wonderful County! And to all who donated money for care packages being sent. Thank You!

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