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Let’s get this gateway done


RE: Breck gateway finds no friends (SDN April 13)I believe Eric Mamula’s comments are right on. Key word here is “gateway.” First impressions are something that affect us all. I feel that the town council should consider Mamula’s idea as a major solution to this big eyesore as everyone enters Breckenridge. I have no relation or connection to the owners of this property. If I owned this property, I would want the flexibility to build, with council approval, what I see as something everyone, local or visitor, would be proud to look at as they enter the kingdom of Breck. It needs to be something substantial that we are all proud of and really makes a statement. The important part in all of this is, “significant cash donation to fund affordable housing or other community needs elsewhere in town.” If you are the owners of this great piece of real estate, let’s get this done and move onto the future of a great town in a wonderful state of Colorado.

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