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Letter misses point on abortion politics

Jennifer Faoro’s letter of Feb. 12 misses the point of my letter completely. 

Agreed, the courts have said (unfortunately) that if you would like to kill your baby you have that choice (as long as it has not been born yet – watch your timing).

No one (including St. Anthony’s) is going around Summit County door-to-door right now checking up on pregnant women to make sure they have not had abortions. 

Abortions are currently available to the women of Summit County – just not at the county-owned facility.

My point is this: If you choose to have an abortion, the courts have said that you can.

I believe the courts have also said that it is my right not to pay for this procedure with my tax dollars.

Don’t ask me to provide my tax dollars to help you kill your child, because this actually is a moral and a religious issue, and it violates one of the most basic tenets of my religion.

Not having abortions available at a county facility does not prevent you from having an abortion, and thus does not violate your “right” to this procedure.

Providing abortions at a tax-supported facility does violate my freedom of religion by forcing me to pay for a procedure that my church considers immoral, unethical and murder. 

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