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Letter: Paid parking impacting businesses

I emailed the SDN back in January re: parking in Breck, mentioning the increase parking / traffic that I noticed on Breck’s side streets. My observation was right. Now, you and the town need to get out and talk to the merchants on Main. What I have heard is the second the paid parking began on Dec. 1, business plummeted.

I am neither a business owner or employee in Breck. When I was an employee, I found the employee lots often full and wasted approximately thirty minutes circling until giving up and finding parking elsewhere. Parking is critical to the success of the town. What a bad experience this problem is for everyone who lives in, works or visits Breck. The little town was not designed for all the traffic, but paid parking on Main is not the fix.

The ice arena got built. Certainly a parking structure in a great location can be accomplished ASAP.

Pam Demma

Summit County

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