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Letter-writer confuses the divine with sublime stupidity and justification for war

Reader Jeff Shibley in an Oct. 13 letter to the editor equated God with Ronald Reagan, insisting that “as the most powerful country in the world, it is our obligation to use the power God and President Reagan blessed us with to make the world better.”

Mr. Shibley must be a confessed atheist, then. To even utter God and Reagan in the same sentence is to confuse divine creative spirit with sublime stupidity and ineptitude.

If anyone thinks we are obligated to use the power at our disposal to “make the world better,” then I guess history as a teacher is out the window.

From President Truman’s legacy to nuclear proliferation and the Cold War, from the Persian Gulf War (what war, really?) to 9-11, it’s that obligatory use of power that’s won us peace and a great night’s sleep, right?

Mr. Shibley proceeds to dismiss diplomacy and National Public Radio among other things, while glorifying President Bush and steamrolling military action. He truly believes that the spineless, puppet-like, Tony Blair-led Britain is our strongest ally and that we should just attack because S “there isn’t peace until somebody wins.”

At least Mr. Shibley admits that military action must be a last resort. The self-perpetuating myth that there can be no peace until after a war, “until somebody wins” is more dangerous than the inane rattlings going on inside our President’s head. I’m happy that Mr. Shibley has learned to adjust in a weak economy and that he knows better – that the current government is incapable of  putting the economy back together.

Thanks, apparently, to private education, we have attitudes like Mr. Shibley’s to carry us through to the promised land. “Is using our power to make the world a better place not a noble cause?” Mr. Shibley asks, concluding, “there is no peace until there is a winner.” Thanks for still allowing us to think “how we will,” Mr. Shibley. For many of us, there is no winner until there is peace.

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