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Letter-writer explains view on Dobson story

I am thrilled to see how many letters have been published regarding the homophobic evangelist, James Dobson, since mine was published.

My only beef with the Summit Daily News was that the article it published was poor journalism. The article presented only one side of a controversial subject. After all the letters published since then, most of the Summit Daily’s readers are now aware of the fact that Dobson is not the universally respected “Man of God” described by the biased article.

Now, perhaps I was wrong to call Associated Press writer Jennifer Hamilton a bigot. I must admit, it is possible she is not from Colorado and has never actually heard of Amendment 2, or seen any of the “Focus on your own damn family” bumper stickers that would have clued her in to the controversy surrounding Dobson and “Focus on the Family.”

Highly unlikely, considering the research she had to do to write the article, but possible.

If so, she is guilty of poor journalism. She failed to research the facts and write a balanced story. The Rocky Mountain News, a generally conservative newspaper, published an article about Dobson’s retirement at the same time as the Summit Daily. The News used the word “controversial” to describe Dobson in the second paragraph of its article. That gave voice to the many people who do not agree with Focus on the Family. Both sides of the story were presented fairly. That’s what newspaper readers expect from a journalist.

The end of Dobson’s career marks an opportunity for a lot of Colorado Springs Christians to let go of hate and start doing what Jesus would do.

Christians do not create prejudice and discrimination. True Christians teach love, peace and kindness.

If Dobson and his followers had, instead of spreading prejudice and discrimination, spent as much money promoting the fruits of the spirit, Matthew Shepherd might be alive today.

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