Liberals don’t get it and don’t admit it; conservative George W. does |

Liberals don’t get it and don’t admit it; conservative George W. does

Robert CooperBreckenridge/Springfield, Mo.

RE: Eric Nord’s Sept. 3 letter.Let me point out more than a few inconsistencies in this letter. Let’s start out with the “no corroborative ties between al-Qaida and Iraq” the writer claimed.This connection has been proven. Were their ties between al-Qaida and Iraq regarding 9/11? None are definitive yet, although the Czech government still insists that the leader of the 9/11 terrorists, Mohammed Atta, met with one of Saddam’s intelligence officers in Prague. Al-Qaida terrorists have been treated in Baghdad hospitals for years with the knowledge of Saddam Hussein and his sons.About the Patriot Act, exactly how many U.S. citizens have been harmed? Maybe a few people here were and are being held, but the way liberals describe it, thousands of U.S. citizens are in jail for no reason whatsoever.No Child Left Behind? That was Teddy Kennedy’s bill that President Bush allowed him to author. President Bush has spent more on education than any president in history.The “Mission Accomplished” banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln? The mission that was accomplished was the removing of Saddam and his sons as the tyrannical leaders of 25 million people who are now free.Where was the writer’s concern when hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Iranians were being slaughtered by Saddam using the chemical weapons Saddam supposedly never had and Bush “lied” to us about?If Saddam never had these weapons, why did he stonewall the U.N. inspectors for 13 years and finally throw them out of Iraq?I question taking the time responding to this letter but I know the usual suspects who live in Summit County will argue the liberal line.I admit who I am, a conservative who realizes that the answers to most of our problems is the government staying out of our lives.But of course, your hero, John Kerry is, like you, a liberal. Why will he not admit it? Why will any liberal running for a major political office, other than in San Francisco or Boston, refuse to accept the liberal label? What is Kerry afraid of?President Bush says he’s conservative. He’s running on his conservatism. He’s proud of it. I wear my conservatism as a badge of honor. Yet one of the most liberal senators in the U.S. Senate refuses to admit he is what he is, a liberal.It used to be said that mentioning Social Security reform was the third rail of politics – step on it and you’re dead. That has changed. Now saying you’re a liberal has obviously become the third rail of politics.When liberals running for public office are not ashamed to admit they’re liberal, I’ll respect them.I’ll never vote for them, but I’ll know they finally have the guts to admit who they are. Then let the chips fall where they may.

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