Liberals never cease to amaze |

Liberals never cease to amaze

Liberals never, ever fail to amaze me. And I’ll skip Stan White’s idiotic point about ending the “war” on marijuana. I’d ask, “What are you smoking, Stan?” But we obviously know the answer to that. It isn’t going to happen here pal, so get used to it.

Then Stan says, “fighting evil with good is the answer.” What in God’s name does that mean? So in WWII, if we were nice to Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo, 50 million people would not have been killed?

I believe Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler by signing the Munich pact in 1938 (along with France) giving in to Hitler’s demands that the Germanic areas of Czechoslovakia could be German territories, and Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia was all right as long as he withdrew Italy from involvement in the Spanish Civil War, and it obviously failed miserably. Hitler and Mussolini saw it as a sign of weakness.

There is only one way to fight evil. It must be destroyed. Liberals live in a utopian world. Maybe if you’d stick to smoking something legal, albeit bad for your health, you’d have a clue.

There is more than one way to destroy evil. We destroyed the U.S.S.R. economically without firing a shot in anger. Communism around the world imploded, and today there are only a handful of communist regimes. Did it cost us? Of course – trillions of dollars. But we won. We’re here, and the U.S.S.R. isn’t. Ask those millions of people who are now free which system of government they prefer, especially the younger people.

But that isn’t always possible. Sometimes war is the only way, especially when dealing with tyrannical dictators whose citizens are terrorized day after day if they dare to disagree.

If we had people like you and your hero Joan Fitz-Gerald running the country the last 25 years, the Soviet Union would still exist, enslaving millions of people behind the Iron Curtain, and the Cold War would still be being fought. I have no doubt about that.

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