Liddick: Let’s show Bennet the door |

Liddick: Let’s show Bennet the door

by Morgan Liddick

Michael Bennet thinks you’re an idiot. How else does one explain our sock-puppet senator’s desperate attempt to use television advertising to make himself seem one of us?

This ad blitz, featuring high production values, a feigned aw-shucks style, pretty backgrounds and even the senator’s precious daughters – but nary a hint of party affiliation – is noxious blague from beginning to end, and an insult to the intelligence of any Coloradan who has been paying attention to the politics of the past year.

In one ad, Bennet says our government is out of touch with just plain folks. Coming from the multimillionaire son of a high-level Carter-era Mandarin who transplanted himself to Colorado from Washington after serving in the Clinton Administration, this would be a real howler if His Appointedness didn’t seem so serious about the charge. Apparently, he forgot he grew up in the nation’s capital, and that he was a page in the selfsame branch of government he now berates. Things apparently deteriorated quickly following his departure. He also neglects to mention that for the past year, he’s been part of the problem. Like when he helped ram Obamacare through on a strictly partisan basis, in the teeth of strong public opposition. Out of touch, indeed.

In another, he suggests government spending is out of control. This statement demonstrates that his makeup artist is a virtuoso, since there is no detectable blushing. And since we don’t know how many takes were required to allow him to say this with a straight face, it seems earnest enough. Until one realizes the speaker is a man who wholeheartedly supported bills which raised the national debt more in one year than George Bush did in eight. Out of control? Check.

In yet another, our lockstep liberal senator criticizes “Wall Street” and the requisite greedy banker bogeymen for not pouring loans out on “Main Street” as generously as they fill his campaign coffers. We should note that he’s the fifth-ranking beneficiary of the banking system’s largess, right behind Senators Harry Reid and Chris Dodd. I’m waiting with bated breath for his ad criticizing Washington’s hypocrisy and backstabbing.

His short-term memory seems to be going, or perhaps he thinks yours is. How else to explain that, just a few months ago, he was a member of the pack lustily baying about “reckless lending?” Lending that, not incidentally, his liberal colleagues like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank pressed “big banks” to engage in for years. Perhaps one of the things Michael Bennet didn’t learn in his years with Phil Anshutz is that if a business is beaten up badly enough over the years, it just might withdraw from the activities which draw attention. Like making loans.

Perhaps the most cynical ploy yet from our senator is the use of his daughters. These delightful moppets speak earnestly as only children can about how their father detests “a mess,” which is then defined as “Washington.” Once again, The Appointed One doesn’t mention he is part of that selfsame “Washington,” and doesn’t seem to realize that with his blind adherence to the agenda of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, he has played the role of Bluto in the “Animal House” that is our present administration. It’s messy, all right. But blaming the folks who spilled popcorn on the rug doesn’t really work when you’re caught having a paint-balloon fight in the living room.

A number of people who have worked with Michael Bennet previously have characterized him as a man with one item on his agenda: the advancement and prospering of Michael Bennet. This feeling is particularly strong in his former place of employment, the Denver Public Schools, where more than one ex-colleague has described him as a man who will say anything to further his own ends. Others have described him as unscrupulous, short-tempered in private, and violently abusive if questioned closely. None of this should be particularly bothersome. Of course he is all of the above, and in all probability much more: he’s a politician. We’re not voting for Miss Congeniality here.

But when his hubris, his hypocrisy and his contempt for the common sense of his constituents rises to the level evident in his latest series of “Our savior, Michael Bennet” commercials, more questions come to mind than where he learned to wear a Carhartt chore coat.

Me, I think he looks pretty good in it. In fact, I think the whole Washington County thing is a good fit for him. And come November, we Colorodans – who Michael Bennet thinks can’t remember who’s been running the show in Washington for the past 15 months – ought to make sure His Appointedness has the opportunity to get to know the place.


Summit County resident Morgan Liddick pens a Tuesday column. E-mail him at Also, comment on this column at

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