Liddick: Time for the US to call for regime change in Iran |

Liddick: Time for the US to call for regime change in Iran

by Morgan Liddick

So we finally know what the 9/11 tragedy was all about: mass murder as Keynesian stimulus. Thanks to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly last week, we now understand that 3,000 Americans were slaughtered not by 19 Muslim fanatics, driven by unfathomable hatred for America, “the West,’ modernism and Christians in general, but by our own government, in order to rescue our economy and to protect Israel. The little thugocrat’s speech was much more than the musings of a man to whom murder of fellow countrymen in service of political and religious ends comes easily. It was a political message to the United States, the gist of which was – politely put – “go fish.”Two hours before Mad Mullah Mahmoud addressed the General Assembly, President Obama let it be known in his speech that we were still very interested in talking with the Islamic Republic; heaven knows why. The president, who during the 2008 campaign had vowed to stop Iran’s efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon in its tracks, has done little since to make good on his promise. Instead, exhibiting the dangerous faith of the left in the power of chat to curb monsters, he has nattered endlessly about mostly ineffective sanctions, even to those – like Russia and China – obviously bored with the subject. Now the president has a response to his invitation, which seems also to involve the horse he rode in on. What is his reaction to Ahmadinejad’s ugly and vicious lie? A “no we didn’t” statement to the Voice of America’s Farsi service. A complaint to the BBC that Iran’s spokesman hurt our feelings. But outrage? A demand that the Ayatollahs’ creature put up or shut up? An invitation to “step out back for a talk?” A pointed comment that the Holocaust Denier-in-Chief’s accusation shows how wildly out of touch with reality is the man we are about to allow to have a nuclear weapon? No, none of that. Meanwhile, Iran moves ever closer to their goal. The situation has about it an unhealthy whiff of Neville Chamberlain.History has some relevant lessons for us, here. The idea that one can reason with bloodstained tyrants who repeatedly and publicly announce their intentions to butcher large numbers of people is wrong. It won’t work. The idea that one must move at the speed of the slowest actor in an international crisis is wrong as well – especially if that actor has strong ties of self-interest to the party creating the crisis. The idea that talk, no matter how drawn-out and pointless, is superior to all other forms of crisis management is not only wrong, it is deadly. Ask the Tutsis of Rwanda; ask the Muslims of Srebrenica, of Sarajevo; ask the farmers of the Darfur …In the rule-or-ruin world of the Middle East, politics is a blood sport, played by people who pay very close attention to the lessons of the past, and who have no time for the psychobabble of political correctness, fairness or any of the other constraints on politicians like our president. Their goals involve not winning the next election or maintaining a congressional majority, but survival and the elimination of their opponents, internally and internationally. And most of them don’t really give much consideration to other people’s feelings.These folks can smell weakness and indecision from a thousand miles away in the middle of next month. And right now, Washington is reeking with it as thick as scent off a cornered weasel. Why is Iran continuing with its nuclear program? Because it can. Why will they eventually have a nuclear weapon? Because no one will make a serious move to stop them. What will be the results? Incalculable harm to our country’s interests in the region. Think Hillary had a hard time keeping Israel and the Palestinians talking? Consider what it’s going to be like when the Israeli Prime Minister is not dealing with Mahmoud Abbas, but a far more radical and intransigent Hamas, with a nuclear-armed Iran at their back. Think of what a nuke-in-the-garage Iran will mean to the Jordanians and Saudis, to the Turks and Egyptians – and to Iraq.There is yet time to forestall this nightmare, but that requires resolute action, now. The Obama Administration missed an opportunity to call for regime change last spring, but it can announce now that the current government is beyond the pale. Severe restrictions should be placed on the financial transactions of the Iranian government, and their import of refined petroleum products should be halted, until the Ayatollocracy agrees to abandon reprocessing of nuclear material.When Tel Aviv disappears in a fog of neutrinos, it’ll be too late. For a lot of people.Summit County resident Morgan Liddick pens a Tuesday column. E-mail him at Also, comment on this column at

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