Liddick was wrong in war column |

Liddick was wrong in war column

Carol SmithBreckenridge

Every week as I pick up the Tuesday paper, I immediately turn to Mr. Morgan Liddick’s column, “And On Your Right”. I rate each parapgraph as PR (poorly researched), OL (outright lie) or PM (purposefully misleading). It’s sort of a fun game, but this week’s column was so hateful, misleading and delusional that I had to write. I will sound like a Democrat, but honestly I have voted for Republicans previously. However, I have had enough of the current administration.How dare Mr. Liddick refer to this Congress as weak? The former Republican Congress completely abdicated their responsibilty for oversight. The former Congress allowed the President a free pass on spending, resulting in outrageous deficits. The Republican Congress allowed war profiteering, torture, and illegal wire tapping of Americans. They allowed Bush and his cronies to send our troops into battle without proper equipment or a clearly defined mission. There was absolutely no oversight before Jan. 1, 2007, when the Democrats took over. In fact, during President Bush’s six years in office, the oversight committee met only once and that was during the Foley-Page scandal.Mr. Liddick wrote, “Congress could, if it wished, end the conflict in Iraq immediately by the expedient of defunding it.” This is purposefully misleading. He knows quite well as many Americans that our President has enough funds to continue his war until August or September 2007 without asking Congress for extra funding. These allocations were earmarked during the Rebulican-led Congress in 2006.”Why not embrace victory as a goal?”Mr. Liddick asked. Well Mr. Liddick, we already did that when our President landed on an aircraft carrier several years ago in front of a banner that said “Mission Accomplished.”Mr. Liddick said, “Iran is actively aiding and abetting our defeat in Iraq.” Of course they are! We emboldened Iran and strengthened our enemies in the “axis of evil” region. We removed Saddam Hussein, who was hated by Iran, and replaced a Shiite majority in Iraq. The Iranians are Shiite! We were too stupid or uninformed to understand the Iranians would immediately want to consolidate the Shites. Also, as an added mismanagement technique, Paul Bremer fired all Bathe party affiliates throughout Iraq, thereby making thousands of public employees (who were only Bathe party affliates by name not belief) unemployed. Many teachers, doctors, emergency personel, technicans and electricians vital to recovery were jobless, further destabalizing the region. With Iraq completely disassembled, of course the Iraqis began to look at the American soldiers with distain. Also, with chaos reigning in Iraq the insurgents began to thrive. We only protected the oil ministry! How were the Iraqi people to believe we were there to liberate them and not confiscate their oil? The total breakdown of Iraq can only be blamed on this admistration’s arrogance and belief that we were to be greeted as liberators ,and this war would pay for itself. It is an outright lie to try to blame Clinton for faulty intelligence or lack of intelligence. Clinton’s predecessor was Bush Sr. His intelligence was the same. That’s why he did not try to take Baghdad!The educated voters in this area are an impressive lot. The American voters are understanding more as well. We know Bush does not have the intellectual ability to win in Iraq or to effectively govern. We know there are no weapons of mass destruction. We understand we were manipulated into supporting his war, along with Senator Clinton as Mr. Liddick purposefully misleads. The American voters realize New Orleans was destroyed as the current admistration watched, fumbled and suffocated under its own bureaucracy while our poorest and weakest citizens died in the street. The American voters have seen the face of incompetency and the results of appointing cronies and will vote differently in 2008.May I suggest that Mr. Liddick spend his time developing a strategy to win votes for the Reublicans in 2008? They can not run on fiscal conservativism (look what they did to the budget). They can not fun on “family values,” because they have done nothing about abortion, and they looked the other way as Foley e-mailed lewd messages to a teenage male page. They can not run on a reform platform. Do you remember Abramoff and Delay? We want a President and Congress that will really get to the work that will make American lives better. We need a leader who can solve the health care crisis, end the war in Iraq and make domestic issues a priority.I hope the Summit County residents do not take my editorial for truth either. All of this information was gathered from “The End of Iraq” by Peter W. Galbraith, “Squandered Victory” by Larry Diamond, “Cobra II” by Michael R. Gordon and “Assassins Gate” by George Packer. All available at your public library.

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