Lifelong Frisco resident vents on vote |

Lifelong Frisco resident vents on vote

Brad ThompsonFrisco

Now that all of the majority of the newly moved in Frisco residents have defeated the Home Depot, I hope you’re proud. I have lived in Frisco for my entire life, and I just wish most of you would have been here 20 to 30 years ago. If you would have been here, we would not have a Safeway, Holiday Inn, Best Western or Wal-Mart. Most of you don’t realize that, years ago, we had to drive to Denver to get any necessity you needed to survive, and because of your vote, we will still be forced to drive out of the county to purchase items that Home Depot could of offered to us at half the cost. You have said all along that Frisco can do better now; it is your chance to tell me what that is. I wish all of you would focus this much attention to the real problem that is facing our little Hamlet – the destruction of all the single-family houses and being replaced with multi-family structures.Hopefully, Home Depot will still locate in Summit County so we will not have to pay the high prices we have forever. Unfortunately, where ever they end up, the town of Frisco will not reap the benefits.

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