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Lindstrom for governor

Eric LindstromIthaca, N.Y.

When you think about the reasons a politician should run for office and why others may or may not support a candidate, I can offer first-hand support in the upcoming gubernatorial race.As the eldest-born son of Gary Lindstrom, I can confidently back this candidate. Over the past 30 years since my parents got divorced, I’ve had a strange, long-distance relationship with my dad. In the early years, they would send my two sisters and me to Colorado for summer visits – which eventually evaporated.We actually lost touch for almost a decade until, of all things, e-mail and the internet reconnected us. In the last five years, I’ve been more in-touch with my dad and his aspirations in government. He has inspired me to start a similar path in New York.After he won the election for State Representative, I was fortunate enough to come visit at his home outside Breckenridge. During that visit, I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of Colorado, his ability to support those around him in their efforts and his passion for what makes Colorado such a great place. We also had a chance to see him in action during the dedication of Red Cliff Arch Bridge that November.If there is a question of his qualifications, there shouldn’t be. If there is a question of his intentions, there shouldn’t be. If there is a question of who should be elected the next governor of Colorado, there shouldn’t be.